Sunday, March 10, 2013


The word porch was a word I learned in my US elementary textbooks but could not experience it. At least in the city, where I grew up, back then there were no houses with porches. Porches always seemed so romantic particularly with a swing on them. 

Later I moved to the US and in every house we lived I thought "ok as a house warming gift lets put a swing in our porch", but I guess we were never long enough in a house to get one or as a dear friend says -it was just not the time then- .

Three weeks ago going to Peten I saw this place in Sanarate, El Progreso and my childhood/youth/adult dream kicked in again!!! So Friday going to Cobán I stopped and met this man who calls himself "Mr. Columpio" ( Mr. Swings). I gave him and advance payment and agreed to pick up the swing on my way back on Sunday, that he was to do over the weekend. Here we are in my new swing… never to late to make big and small dreams come true. 

BTW the swing was $60.00… pretty good right? It is a little rough quality but we shall apply some love to it to dude it up a little bit!!!

 PS. Still in the dream list the swing in the porch of a quaint yellow house.

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