Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Güisquil with egg

OMG there is something abou this dish that I just love!!!!
The güisquil grows in a vine and is mostly water but I just love it, as a salad as chilaquilas (watch my video on how to make them) or like this with egg.


Luis FIGUEROA said...


Luis FIGUEROA said...
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Edith said...

Hi, I visited Guatemala about 10 years ago and the woman I stayed with used to make sticks of guisquil which she fried in egg or something? I'm not really sure how she did it. Thank you for posting that guisquil and chayote are the same thing; I've been trying to find guisquil in the US for YEARS and they always look at me weird when I ask about it in Mexican groceries, and they say they've never heard of it. Knowing that it's the same thing is SO VERY HELPFUL. Thank you!!!!!