Sunday, December 9, 2012

17 years old in Guatemala.

Yesterday I went to purchase my Christmas tree at a farm and met this boy in the picture.

The story: He is from Alta Verapaz works in Chimaltenango (about 9 hour travel going through the city). He has been working in the farm for 1 year (and seemed contet with it) They do about three 3-month engaments. He lives at the farm with 50-100 men, they plant, trim and cut trees.

He finished 7th grade and says he wants to study but with this type of work he can't and probably never will.
I talked to him about a high school program on the radio and he seemed interested, since in his dialect he yelled at his friend the frequency of the station. Will he be driven enough to find out? Will he be encouraged by his peers? At work will they let him go register?

It takes a personal commitment of everyone in Guatemala to raise the level of education of our Nation. We all know someone who is not schooled and some of us, if we have people working for us, do even more. Ourselves and our companies need to commit to setting the conditions to raise the education level of those who work with us.

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