Monday, October 10, 2011

Going Bananas

Yesterday with our Somalian cab driver who picked us up at the Salt Lake City International Airport we where competing for whose country was suffering more... my country he said is suffering from the civil war, mine I said from the drug war, my people are dying of hunger, mine I claimed are dying from preventable diseases living next to open sewage, etc. Then we went on to exports I asked him if they exported coffee: he said no, we export sugar and bananas (not the get your country rich formula), we do too I said. We concluded we where both banana republics in the full sense of the expression.
Later my husband added they also export pirates to which I added a my girls for prostitution. The world is truly going bananas.
Today I am catching an early flight to Denver bought a banana and then thought hmm I wonder if its from Somalia or Guatemala. Well as you can see in the picture is from the latter. A $1.00 banana like the ones I get back home for $1.40 a dozen.
CIAV cambiando vidas. Sent from my mobile.

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