Saturday, May 21, 2011


Yesterday I was part of the workshop "Creer es Crear" with Santiago and Tisa  Pando..... WOW!

It was a first but a deep first real exposure to the Mayan Vision  but not at an academic level but at a personal level.  I AM SO HAPPY TO BE HERE (Guatemala, Mayan World), NOW (2012)!!

Right now it is to soon to tell you more about this I think I will learn more through time. But I want to leave you with  Santiagos, Tisas and Daniel's first movie. You can watch it online or download it at

I also want to share some of my notes from yesterday:

  • The mayans are creational society
  • They live at a a higher vibratory frequency
  • Resurge the heart as the meeting point of men.
  • The citizen revolution will cristalize in latinamerica
  • the spiritual focal point of the world will be the Mayan world
  • The union of both hemispheres is "to believe is to create"
  • One hemisphere elevates us the other one connects us to the earth to our ancestors.
  • The macro universe is that with in the micro universe is the one we see.
  • Be responsible 360 degrees.
  • We are artists not actors 

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