Sunday, December 26, 2010


Atop the bridge "Puente Rio Dulce" we took these pictures of the river and the marina. I don't have that many stories of this area. I have driven across the bridge about 6 times in my life going and coming to Peten and have only stayed in the Rio Dulce area twice. Rio Dulce is in the department of Izabal. Puerto Barrios and Livingston are the other two mains destinations, likewise I have been to them two or three times.
The last trip to Rio Dulce was sometime in the nineties. I have never been a water person, my element is earth, so I cannot tell exactly what was the 'wind vessel' my friend had and made me get on, all I know is that I was all cool sitting when all of a sudden the wind came. I think I was supposed to pull something or other but I was so frightened I became paralyzed with a scared face my friend has never let me live down!
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Ixpata said...

Este es uno de mis lugares favoritos. El pueblecito en si no me gusta, pero los hotelitos y restaurantes a las orillas del lago son lo que me encanta. Especialmente la pezca con anzuelo.
Juro que hire alli la proxima vez que visite Guatemala.
Dichosa usted que anduvo por alla.
Gracias por las fotos.