Thursday, April 22, 2010


The ability to balance a load on the head is one I admire. This is one of the abilities taught at an early age to girls in the rural area. It is interesting because it is an ability fomented only in girls. I have not seen a man balancing a load on his head! You can see girls and women carrying anything from a bucket with corn grains on the way to the grind or a bucket of dough on the way back. A basket of food, cooked or alive! A bundle of flowers or wood. Load can be big or small an probably as heavy as 50 pounds. Women can go downhill, uphill, in paved or dirts roads.
I took this picture in Mazatenango. I was waiting in line on a road block due to construction, a blessing to locals, who immediately come out with their products to offer them to the stuck drivers. This woman is carrying a plate of rellenitos on her head (rellenitos are like a croquet of platano dough stuffed with sweetened beans).

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