Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Mil Gracias - A thousand "thank-yous"- that is one of the more than "mil" reasons why I love living in Guatemala.

On Tuesday, Tom received an e-mail from a friend regarding a favor we did to him. As a normal curious wife I asked Tom what did our friend write. Tom responded 'He wrote: Mil Gracias'. I noticed the expression had stood out to Tom so, what would have otherwise seemed normal, now I identified it as one of those subtleties that makes Guatemala what it is.

My response was don't you love it? Where else but in Guatemala would one get ONE THOUSAND gracias! We joked that in the US we get a 'thanks' even less than a thank-you!

Mil gracias!, Muchas Gracias!, Muchisimas Gracias!, Que Dios te lo pague! Gracias Miles!, Inmesamente agracedido!, Que Dios te lo multiplique!, Un Millón de Gracias!, Infinitamente Agradecido! are some of the common expression of Guatemalans grateful personality.

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