Thursday, January 10, 2013


The fun play of words when someone asks coffee or tea?  Café o té? Then a witty reply is "Te quiero" which can be interpreted as "I want tea" or "I love you".

The Chirrepeco Tea, is a "traditional" black tea grown organically by a coop in San Juan Chamelco, Alta Verapaz.  It is named Chirrepeco because the first plantation was near a cave and in Queckchi language, "chirrepec" means "beside the cave". I have to say it is also very exciting to read in coop's webpage that they seem to be very intentional about gender equality.

The original packaging of the tea is almost magical. I was given two days ago the two boxes in the picture and as I am writing this post I am boiling water to prepare what it evokes an image of a magic potion, sold by a merchant with an unstoppable sales pitch and bought by all with faith that will cure all pains and perhaps even bring love!

I have yet to visit,  seems like a fabulous trip, the ECO TOUR of the plantation. I will make it a point to go this year as I go out and venture into my new projects in that region.

Water is ready.... Let's see what magical things this day will bring as I start it with a cup of hot Chirrepeco tea!


Unknown said...

please, talk about properties of the product like low colesterol,diabetis etc...

Richie K said...

My wife and I will be in Puerto Quetzal, Guatemala in January 2020. We had bought TE CHIRREPECO tea a few years back and loved it. We were unable to find it this time, either in the small stores or the supermarket. Is there any place you know of in either Puerto Quetzal or Antigua that carries it?
Thanks, Richard Kaplan

Richie K said...

Hello? Are you there?

Richie K said...

I am here. Do you know if this tea is available in Antigua?