Sunday, March 6, 2011

Agua Blanca Jutiapa

Trying to get to Esquipulas from Guatemala city via Jutiapa, we took the wrong turn into the town of Agua Blanca.
This became the official watermelon stop of the trip. We got to watermelons for Q16.00 ($2.00) out of the watermelon corral.

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nancy said...

Cynthia, on one of our trips to Guatemala to bring home our second son (age 4yrs at the time), we had the great privelege of traveling to his birthplace. Our driver stopped along the road to purchase a pineapple from a woman's fruit stand. Wow! I have never tasted such wonderful fresh pineapple. She cut it for us, and we proceeded to eat the entire pineapple for the equivalent of about 40cents. We should have handed her $20 for the feast! I still feel badly about how bad we were at tipping. By the time we traveled for each of our kids, we were feeling the expense of the adoptions and travel, and so were tighter with our tips and more frugal with our bargaining than we should have been.

Nancy in the Midwest

Ixpata said...

Que bueno que vine a darle un vistazo por ultima vez a esta pagina. Penze que ya la habia cerrado.
Afortunadamente aqui al fin aparecio.
Estamos esperando por mas updates.