Monday, August 16, 2010


Have you ever wondered how far can a donation of your used clothes or toys  might travel?

At this corner in Villanueva a municipio of the department Guatemala (municipio is to county what department is to state). A woman is arranging her Sunday sale: used stuffed animals and dolls that she bought from a "Paca" vendor.

Paca is bale, bale of articles. Donations are tightly packed in bales and sold by the pound.  Bale sizes start at 100 pounds all the way to 1000 pounds.  From what I researched the price per pound to importers starts as $0.20 per pound and can go to $1.00 or more. The price will vary  depending on the type of 'paca': only women`s clothes, only kid's clothes, mixed clothes, only toys, casual, jackets, shoes, grade A, grade B, winter, summer etc.  In country pacas are re sold also by the pound with a margin above the cost of the bale itself and the cost to import it. Importers are not usually the retailers, they sell complete or broken down bales to people who in a garage, market, small shop or the street, reach low cost communities. The retailers will sell articles depending on condition, brand name, location of the shop, etc for Q0.50 to Q50.00 a piece.

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