Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Breakfast was at the cabin. The girls were voluntarily getting ready to go...

For the kids it was  a day of more fun, during the day depending of the age there was horse back-riding, canoeing, rock climbing and various other activities:

For lunch like the day before we had to pick the kids  up to enjoy the picnic. We had ours  at the lunch area in the main building while watching the US-Ghana, World Cup game.  (Final score Ghana 2 - US 1) :-(

Adults could choose to attend cooking classes, dancing classes and adoption topics workshops. I had a presentation on Quinceañera (once I do the Alfombras Webinar I will do a Quinceañera one, stay tuned). This presentation was not well attended because it coincided with dance rehearsal, which was for my girls the highlight of the day.

In the evening the Fiesta started with a dance routine by every age group followed by a live band which made everyone dance, that was my highlight!

The icing on the cake was meeting Riley on my youngest readers. She is a great dancer!

Credits for most of the pictures LAHC memory pack.

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