Friday, June 4, 2010

Buscando Visa para un sueno. Looking for a visa for a dream.

Buscando Visa para un sueno is the title of a song by Juan Luis Guerra (c. 1990). It goes "Eran las 5 de la manana, y uno por uno al matadero..." (It was 5am one by one to the slutter house).
With the tourist visa price at $140.00 and no guarantee of getting it, it does feel like a slutter house.
Familes in line with plans to go to Disney and other with plans of staying in the US, the counsel officers have to guess which one is which, of course they don't always guess so if you pay close attention you will see little boys and girls coming out crying with their Disney dreams shattered...
To apply for a tourist visa, one has to go to a bank to pay the $140.00. You will get a phone card to call to get an appointment assigned about a month out. You get to the embassy the day of your appointment and pack any evidence that you can that will show you have enough ties in Guatemala to not want to stay in the US once you are in. Say a prayer before going in!


Jenne said...

Really? You can't just leave the country to go on a vacation?

This is very interesting..


Ozzy's World said...

Seeing this in person really makes an impression or at least it did on us. To be able to see all the people who want to come and see the USA but can't without such a hassle.

Jumping said...

I remember the day when I got in "el matadero"... making the continue line, inspections in every door and a lot of looks that kill. it was awful, cold and insane (No human). Right exactly like a slaughterhouse.