Friday, March 5, 2010


Patojo is quite the colloquial word, the closest I can think of is "guy/dude". Patojo is a young male. Patoja a young female. If you ask someone how old are you, and you are still young, people might say "Oh, you are still patojo". A parent my refer to their kids as "his patojos". A woman going out with a young fellow has "her patojo". If you go somewhere to buy something and need help carrying something you might ask "Can you send me a patojo to help me".

At this place, in the picture, they are looking for a patojo, a young fellow, no academic background needed, to run errands, do cleaning, pick up stuff, make deliveries and do anything and everything required by the "patrono" (boss).

The added requirement for the hired patojo is that he is a patojo chispudo, chispudo meaning sharp. Other guatemalan colloquial words for chispudo: buzo, pilas!!!

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