Sunday, March 21, 2021

Museo de Arqueología y Etnología

I have made post of the museum before but here are some new pictures of pieces I don't recall seeing before.

This is a nice city stop for people who for a quick visit to Guatemala City.

It has most beautiful rotonda in a Guatemalan building.

Sunday, February 28, 2021

Noni Plant

I have already written about the Noni or Nony on this post
This is a post with new pics. A young plant already giving fruits.
 The first post was in Livingston (Atlantic Coast). These other ones are in Santa Rosa (Pacific Coast), both hot and humid places year round.
Noni is used to treat Diabetes here is a company in Guatemala that is commercializing it:

Saturday, February 27, 2021

Sunset at Monterrico

Monterrico is one of the most popular beach spots on the southern coast of Guatemala. It has developed quite a bit in the last decade. Many hotels of all price ranges. Manglar tours on are also making it a eco tourism destination. 

This is the first time I have seen a cotton candy vendor walking the beach looking for customers, sweet sunset.

Sunday, January 19, 2020

Sunday Breakfast at La Terminal

La Terminal, located in Zone 4 Guatemala City, is the largest market in Guatemala. It is  a central bus station and a sort of distribution center for produce and more. We started our Sunday (before the Chiefs game disputing the AFC Championship) with a breakfast of ‘dobladas de carne’  and then off to buy our week’s fruit and vegetables.

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Livingston an experience for the heart and senses

When you find yourself in Livingston (literally it’s a place to find yourself) an essential part of the experience is the gastronomy.  It is a contrast of luxury of flavors with staple ingredients, a hot soup in an even hotter climate.
The tapado is a coconut base soup with plantains and a feast of seafood: fish, shrimp, crab and snail plus the secret spice. 
Every restaurant offers it. I have not try them all but enough to tell you of the three best places to have Tapado in Livingston (not in a particular order)

At someone’s home:

If you are lucky to have someone treat you to a Tapado say yes. Of course each family might have their own twist. As complicated as it seems it is something done very frequently so it can be done with whatever ingredients are accessible that day, versus a commercial/restaurant one that will meet all the checklist.

On the beachfront:

Laru Bella in Barrio  Pueblo Nuevo would be the place I would recommend. To me you need to eat it on the sea side not on the riverside. Hotels catering foreigners are on the riverside. Yes they do have tapado and most probably cooks are local yet it’s lacking the local ambiance.

In town:

If you want authentic, delicious, comfortable and pay with a credit card then Margoth is the place. Sit in a nice open restaurant and see everyone pass by. The owners are usually there and are super friendly. There is a full bar and a wonderful menu of traditional food. Here are pics of my last visit to Margoth

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Pasteles del Trópico, Puerto Barrios` best kept secret

Pasteles del Trópico was my everyday stop during the time I was in Puerto Barrios for my PHD research.

This more than 40 year old bakery and “cakery” is just fabulous. In spanish there is a difference between panadería (where you buy bread) and pastelería (where you buy cakes and usually can also get coffee). It is tucked in an unpaved street. If a local does not tell you about it you will miss it. I was lucky to be introduced to it by a colleague I was working with and since then I don’t know what happened but my car just drove there by itself!

All cakes are great my favorite were coconut pie and cheesecake, but the corn cake and chocolate cake are also delicious. You can also buy bread with local flavors.

I was there during independence celebration so I was able to be get a taste of the traditional food from the festival they do once a year.

Añadir leyenda

Thursday, September 5, 2019

New Fruits

I am wrapping up my second week in Puerto Barrios, where I am doing research for my PHD dissertation.

During this time I tried two new fruits Jocote Mico and Mangostán, both good but specially the latter one.

Jocote mico my first impression was that it was a green mango but it isn’t. You eat. It peeled and add lemon, and salt. If they are ripper you have to eat sort of sucking it off the stringy core but others don’t have as my strings. I bought a prepared bag for Q3.00.

Mangostan, this one is delicious, sweet, refreshing, juicy I loved them. Have not seen them in the city.